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Small and medium-sized businesses represent the backbone of the American economy and are responsible for creating a large portion of the nation’s jobs. Running a business, however, means that you must make difficult decisions on a regular basis—many of which may have a significant impact on your company’s long-term health and sustainability. At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, we recognize the challenges that business owners face, and we are equipped to provide reliable guidance on a wide range of business-related matters.

Running a business in a high-growth environment can be extremely challenging. While you may have advanced knowledge of your products and industry, there is much more to running a successful company. Nobody understands this better than we do.

We have worked with clients to address a wide variety of concerns related to their businesses. For example, we assisted one family owned business with addressing operational concerns, restructuring and selling a portion of the business, and preparing to pass ownership of the business to the owner’s children.

Building and Maintaining Your Business

Our staff will help you secure the tools and resources you need to get your company off the ground. We will create a business plan and model financial scenarios to help you secure the funding you need, as well as choosing an organizational structure for your business. Together, we will develop systems for budgeting, reporting, and strategic planning so that you can optimize your company’s value and reduce economic risk.

At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, we recognize that established business owners also encounter a variety of challenges. Each business decision presents an opportunity for improvement in your company’s growth and profitability. With that in mind, we can provide direction regarding efficient data management, vendor and technology concerns, and human resources. We have experience with collective bargaining and union contracts, as well as mentoring and developing staff members to take on increased responsibilities.

Our skilled advisors also realize the importance of regulatory compliance. We offer guidance to companies dealing with issues of employee certifications and licenses, clearances, competency examinations, and much more.

Creating Lasting Relationships

Strong relationships are built on trust and familiarity. That is why we take the time to get know you, not just as a business owner or an entrepreneur but also as an individual with personal needs and goals. Doing so also helps us become intimately familiar with your company as well, allowing us to address potential problems before they become major concerns. Our approach allows us to offer every client the customized experience they need and deserve.

To learn more about Anderson Attorneys & Advisors and how we can help your business, contact our Wheaton offices. Call 630-877-5800 to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable member of our team today. We offer advisory services to businesses in DuPage County and throughout Northern Illinois.