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In June of 2019, the state of Illinois passed landmark legislation that legalizes marijuana for recreational use throughout the state. This law goes into effect on January 1, 2020, and businesses that plan to cultivate, process, transport, and sell legal cannabis will need to obtain a license to do so.

With these major changes to the laws related to the use and sale of legal marijuana in Illinois, cannabis-related businesses will need to be sure they have met the requirements for licensing and addressed any other legal issues related to their business operations. At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, our business law attorneys will work with you to address your legal concerns and ensure that you are prepared to take advantage of the available opportunities.

Cannabis Licenses in Illinois

Under the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, the following types of businesses may obtain licenses related to marijuana:

  • Marijuana dispensaries - A business that sells cannabis products must obtain an Adult Use Dispensing Organization License. Dispensaries that are currently licensed to dispense medical marijuana will be able to receive an Early Approval Adult Use Dispensing Organization License and begin selling marijuana for recreational use on January 1, 2020.
  • Cultivation centers - A business that cultivates, processes, or transports marijuana in order to provide cannabis products to marijuana-related business establishments must obtain an Adult Use Cultivation Center License. Facilities that are currently licensed to cultivate medical marijuana will be able to receive an Early Approval Adult Use Cultivation Center License and begin growing, infusing, packaging, transporting, and selling marijuana products to cannabis businesses on January 1, 2020.
  • Craft growers - A business that cultivates, dries, cures, and packages cannabis to make it available for sale or processing may obtain a craft grower license. This allows a business to operate a facility of up to 5,000 square feet, with the ability to request an increase of cultivation space based on the needs of the market.
  • Marijuana processing - A business that produces marijuana products by extracting chemicals or compounds to produce cannabis concentrate or incorporate cannabis into other products must obtain a cannabis processor license.
  • Marijuana transportation - A business that transports marijuana or marijuana products to a cultivation center, craft grower, processor, testing facility, or dispensary must obtain a cannabis transporter license.

Legal Issues for Marijuana Businesses

The process of applying for licensing for marijuana businesses is complex, and having an experienced business law attorney on your side is essential to ensure that your business meets all its legal requirements. At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, we can provide legal help with the license application process, and we can also assist with:

  • Permitting, zoning, and land use - In addition to obtaining state-level licensing, a business may also be required to obtain the necessary permits to operate in the city or county where the business is located. We can assist in obtaining local permits, as well as helping address any zoning or land use issues related to a cannabis business.
  • Administrative hearing and appeals - We can provide representation in any hearings that will be required before a license or permit is issued. If an application is denied, we can assist in appealing this decision.
  • Business formation and corporate governance - We can help determine the business entity that will meet the needs of cannabis business owners, and we will work with you to follow the steps required in forming a business. We can also help meet the ongoing requirements that a marijuana business must follow to maintain its corporate structure.
  • Corporate and transactional agreements - We can draft and negotiate business contracts and agreements, including distribution contracts, shareholder agreements, employment contracts, and financing agreements.
  • Corporate due diligence - We can review business plans, contracts, and transactions to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • General counsel - We can provide ongoing legal counsel to address any issues that may arise over the course of operating a cannabis-related business.

Contact an Illinois Marijuana Business Lawyer

The legalization of marijuana has created a multitude of opportunities for business owners in Illinois, but it is essential to ensure that the proper legal procedures are followed when applying for licenses and forming a business. Anderson Attorneys & Advisors can provide you with the legal help you need when preparing to build a cannabis-related business. Contact us today at 630-877-5800 to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help you succeed. We work with businesses throughout the Chicago area including Cook County, DuPage County, Will County, Lake County, McHenry County, Kendall County, and DeKalb County.

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