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Experienced Litigators Fighting Illinois Tollway Violation Citations

Drivers who understand the tollway system normally make every effort to pay as required. Sooner or later, most motorists will make a mistake and end up getting fined. This may be especially true for young drivers, out-of-state drivers and drivers who are in a hurry. However, if you believe you were unfairly or wrongly fined for a violation, you must act quickly; failure to pay toll fines can have serious consequences.

For help resolving Illinois tollway violation charges, contact us at Anderson Attorneys & Advisors. We are former prosecutors who represent clients throughout DuPage County and statewide.

About Tolls And Fines

I-PASS holders (who normally pay only half the posted toll rates) have a built-in protection against having to pay fines if they respond within 30 days of a violation. In such cases, these drivers may only have to pay the missed tolls with no fines. Even motorists without an I-PASS can pay tolls online or pay by mail within seven days without penalties after driving through a toll plaza without paying.

Failing to stay up to date with missed tolls and fines can result in serious trouble. Drivers who fail to pay toll three or more times in a year will receive notices of toll violations, along with fines. Fines will increase if the omitted tolls and fines are not paid in a timely manner. A missed $3 toll can become a $70 liability in a hurry. Drivers with multiple offenses often need an attorney’s help to untangle the problem.

Fighting Violation Charges And Fines

Some drivers wish to dispute violation citations because of errors regarding the location, time and/or license plate numbers. Others claim they never received notifications about violations and were subsequently targeted by collection agencies demanding huge amounts of money in past tolls, fines and penalties, including collection fees.

Whatever the circumstances behind your alleged Illinois Tollway violation, there is no substitute for an experienced lawyer’s advice and assistance.

Resolve Your Illinois Tollway Violation Problem

For help fighting tollway violation citations, contact Anderson Attorneys & Advisors by calling 630-877-5800 or completing our online inquiry form.