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Order of Protection: Successful Defense

DuPage County Criminal Attorney for Defense Against Orders
of Protection

One afternoon we received a call from a client we were doing some other work for. He had just been served with an emergency order of protection and could not believe it. Having an order of protection issued against you can have serious consequences, including losing your Firearms Owners Identification Card (FOID Card) and your housing. He could not believe that an emergency order of protection would be issued against him without him being present or made aware of by the court.
Worried about how this would affect not only his job and his family, including his relationship with his young step-daughter, but also the fact that his Firearms Owners Identification (FOID) card could be revoked and his guns taken away from him, our client needed to make sure that this emergency order of protection did not become permanent.

Realizing the time constraints and wanting to resolve this matter as quickly as possible for our client, we met with our client. We reviewed all the paperwork he had as well
as his relationship with the person who had obtained this emergency order of protection against him. It was a fairly complicated situation and the allegations involved a young child, so we got right to work, tracking down and subpoenaing numerous witnesses, including police officers and teachers, for our hearing.

After an all-day hearing which, at times, became extremely heated, the judge ruled in our favor and the plenary order of protection was not entered against our client.