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Successful DCFS Appeal – Grandfather Reunited With Grandchild

We receive several new calls every week from people being investigated by DCFS.  While you do not have to have an attorney for a DCFS investigation, we always tell people that it is much less expensive to have an investigation be unfounded than it is to do an appeal.  One day we provided a free consultation for a grandfather who had been falsely accused by the father of his grandchild.  Unfortunately, this is quite common when there is a relationship problem, that a jilted ex makes a false allegation as a form of revenge or just hatred of the other parent or a family member.  Not only did the family court judge prohibit contact, but the grandfather was also indicated by DCFS and thus was not allowed visits with his grandchild.  This caused quite a hardship for him and his daughter, not just emotionally but also practically as he was a secondary caretaker for his grandchild.

We explained the appeal process and what it would cost in clear terms.  We cannot ever guarantee an outcome, but we knew this case was a good candidate for an appeal.  Yet, we were uncertain as to whether he would hire us to represent him because we knew he was on a fixed income and this was a considerable investment for him.  Several days later he came back to us with a check in hand and said he wanted to retain us.

Within days we had filed all the appropriate paperwork and started preparing for the hearing.  Although a DCFS hearing feels somewhat different than a usual court proceeding, we use the same methodology and trial skills that we do in a criminal case and successfully proved to DCFS that this grandfather was indeed innocent, thereby paving the way before the family court judge to permit him to see his grandchild again.