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DuPage County education law attorney

Children are known for being impulsive and not making the best choices sometimes. That is why rules are put in place at educational institutions. Students across the country are experiencing a different type of upcoming school year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many schools are choosing a remote option or a hybrid of in-person and online learning for the fall. However, when a child does something inappropriate on school grounds or during school hours, it can lead to disciplinary action. This can range from a stern lecture to a suspension or even expulsion from school. However, as a parent, you have legal options to make sure your child’s rights are protected. An experienced education law attorney can represent your child’s best interests.   

Illinois School Disciplinary Process

Illinois teachers and other licensed school professionals who provide student-related services are responsible for maintaining discipline in schools according to established policy guidelines. In accordance with state and federal law, Illinois school boards must establish policy guidelines on the administration of student discipline with the assistance of a parent-teacher advisory committee. A copy of these guidelines must be given to the parents or guardians of every student within the first 15 days of the start of the school year or 15 days after a new student transfers to the school.


Wheaton juvenile crime defense attorney school threatsWith horrific incidents like last year’s shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, any threat conveyed toward an elementary school, middle school, or high school is taken very seriously. Teachers, school administrators, and law enforcement want to ensure students’ and teachers’ safety, even if it means a full investigation of joking interactions between students. The primary goal is to make sure no valid threat goes unnoticed. 

With that in mind, a student who makes threats against a school can face dire consequences that may affect their ability to attend school now and in the future.

Threats of Violence and False Alarms 

Illinois law classifies threats against schools as disorderly conduct. Charges are universal for juveniles and adults, and because of zero-tolerance policies, charges are always filed. This includes:

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