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DuPage County criminal defense attorney resisting arrest

Reports of suspects resisting arrest and dying in police custody have dominated the news lately. Some people may think that resisting arrest involves a physical altercation or talking back to a police officer. However, there can actually be many actions that qualify as resisting arrest, of which individuals may not even be aware. As in most states, this is considered a crime in Illinois, and the penalties are often steep. If you or someone you know is facing charges for resisting arrest, an experienced criminal defense attorney can advocate on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected. 

Resisting Arrest Can Involve Many Acts

According to Illinois law, a person commits the crime of resisting arrest if he or she knowingly obstructs or disrupts a police officer, firefighter, or correctional facility employee from interfering with their official duties. However, the actual act of resisting or obstructing can be very broad and take many different forms. Therefore, is it a fairly common crime, resulting in thousands of arrests every year. 

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