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What Are the Consequences of an Illinois Tollway Violation?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2019 | Traffic Violations |

DuPage County toll violation lawyer

The Illinois Tollway’s mission is to provide and promote a safe and efficient system of highways while ensuring the highest quality of service to motorists who use these roadways. The system includes the Tri-State Tollway (I-94/I-294/I-80), Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90), Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88), the Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355), and the Illinois Route 390 Tollway. Drivers on any of these tollways are required to pay designated toll amounts at each toll plaza according to posted signs. Failure to pay the tolls can be considered a traffic violation, and it can result in hefty fines and even loss of driving privileges.

What Is I-PASS?

I-PASS is a prepaid electronic toll collection system that allows for automatic payment of tolls. Designated “open road tolling” lanes eliminate the need to stop at toll plazas to pay the required toll. Users can register an account online and enter a credit card number to have the tolls automatically charged to the card. Drivers have an incentive to use an I-PASS, since they will only have to pay 50 percent of the regular toll amount when using this method. This can help traffic flow better by eliminating backups due to the need for drivers to stop to pay tolls in cash. For I-PASS holders who respond within 30 days of a violation, the Tollway may remove all the extra fines, so the driver will only pay the actual missed toll amount.

Unpaid Toll Violations

Occasionally, a motorist may not have cash on hand when passing through a toll plaza, or the credit card on file for his or her I-PASS account may have expired. If this happens, a driver can go online or pay by mail within a seven-day grace period. The driver must identify the unpaid toll location (toll plaza name or number) when submitting payment. If a person misses the grace period, the unpaid toll becomes a violation.

Notices of Toll Violation are sent to customers who accrue three or more toll violations within a period of one year. This notice requires the registered owner of the vehicle to pay an initial fine of $20 per violation, as well as the unpaid tolls at the cash rate. If the original fine is not paid in 30 days, an additional $50 fine will be added. This means that an initial $3 toll can escalate to $70.

A Notice of Toll Violation is sent via the post office and it includes a photo of the violation actions that the Illinois Tollway recorded, in addition to details such as the date, time, and location of the violation. After a user’s third violation in Illinois, the Tollway sends out a violation notice within 90 days of the event.

Disputing Violations

There are several ways to dispute a violation if someone believes it is not valid. The driver should always check the location, time, and recorded license plate to make sure they are accurate. A motorist can also fill out a Non-Standard Settlement Request form, available on the Illinois Tollway website. An excuse that someone else besides the owner was driving the vehicle at the time of the violation will not be sufficient. A person has the right to request a formal hearing in person or by mail. It is important to note, however, that the Illinois Tollway will not negotiate if an individual loses the hearing.

Contact a Wheaton Tollway Violation Defense Lawyer

Some people may think Illinois tollway violations are minor, but if they accumulate, the penalties can be serious. In some cases, they can even jeopardize your driving privileges or driver’s license. If you are facing these types of charges, you should seek legal counsel. The experienced legal team of Anderson Attorneys & Advisors can explain the consequences of certain I-Pass violations and assist you with reinstating your driver’s license if it was suspended. Call a tenacious DuPage County I-Pass violation defense attorney today at 630-877-5800 to schedule a free consultation.