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Most drivers have received the occasional traffic ticket—often for speeding, a broken taillight, or another relatively minor offense. For many, the fines associated with such violations are seen as part of the expenses of driving. In most cases, a traffic citation every couple years will not dramatically impact your life, but too many too close together could lead to the suspension of your driving privileges. Other violations, including aggravated speeding or reckless driving, could result in criminal charges and penalties. At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, we assist clients facing all types of traffic violations.

We have a record of success helping our clients achieve positive results in cases involving traffic violations. In one notable case, we represented a man who was facing multiple serious traffic violations, and we were able to help him avoid serving any jail time.

Traffic Ticket Defense in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area

Attorney Audriana Anderson is a former Assistant State’s Attorney who spent more than 20 years prosecuting crimes in DuPage County. With her background and experience, she understands the importance of proper enforcement of the law, including the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code. Now in practice as a defense attorney, she also recognizes that those who have been cited for traffic violations deserve to have an advocate protecting their rights.

When you receive a traffic ticket, it must be addressed in a timely manner. Failure to do so will make the matter far more serious. If you ignore a traffic citation, a warrant may be issued for your arrest or a conviction may entered in your absence, even if the original offense was minor. Most cited drivers plead guilty to the violation, pay the fine, and move on with their lives, but that may not always be the best option. A guilty plea may be equivalent to a conviction, depending on the nature of the offense and your past traffic history, which could result in points on your driving record and a license suspension for multiple convictions. Your auto insurance rates could also increase dramatically.

At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, our lawyers know that it is possible to beat a citation and to have the ticket dismissed. Doing so, however, may be complicated. We will work with you in exploring your options and determine the right choice for your unique circumstances.

Offering Defense Counsel for Traffic-Related Crimes

The vast majority of traffic citations are petty offenses which carry financial penalties and may impact your driving privileges. Some violations are much more serious and may be prosecuted as misdemeanors or felonies, including:

A criminal traffic offense may add points to your license and contribute toward the suspension of your license, but you could also be facing possible probation and jail time as well.

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If you have recently been cited for a traffic violation and have questions about what you should do next, contact our office and reach out to attorney Michael R. Biggott to get the answers you need. Schedule an initial consultation by calling 630-877-5800 today. Anderson Attorneys & Advisors serves clients in Wheaton, Warrenville, Glendale Heights, West Chicago, Winfield, Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, DuPage County, and the surrounding areas.