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No-Contact Order: Successful Defense

DuPage County Defense Attorney Fights No Contact Orders

One day we received a call from a person who was just served with a petition for no-contact order. Her daughter had been involved in a relationship with the petitioner, who had been physically abusive and intimidating to her family. She was extremely upset and could not understand how this could happen.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of these no-contact orders, we rearranged our schedule so that she could come to our office and we could meet with her. We reviewed her paperwork as well as her relationship with the person who was seeking this no-contact order against her. We explained the process to her, which was overwhelming and extremely emotional for her, and what defenses we believe we had. These matters move very fast, and, not wanting to delay anything and wanting to resolve this matter as quickly as possible for our client’s sake, we went to hearing on the matter. Given our years of courtroom experience, it was not complicated for us to present evidence that the petitioner was the aggressor and instigator, not our client, and that our client was the one who lived in fear, not the petitioner. We also pointed out and presented evidence to the judge that the petitioner’s motive in trying to obtain this no-contact order against our client was retaliatory.

It is a shame when someone has to retain an attorney to defend themselves against a matter that was truly frivolous, but a joy to see a successful outcome for our client. The judge agreed with us that there was no basis to issue a no-contact order as our client was not a threat to anyone.