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Asset Forfeiture: Cash Recovered

DuPage County Asset Recovery Attorney for Criminal Forfeiture

Late one afternoon during a holiday week, Attorney Jae Kwon received a call from a person who lived out of state. He was driving through Illinois for  business when he was stopped by police for a traffic violation. The police ended up searching his rental vehicle and located almost $200,000 in cash, which the police seized pending forfeiture. Our client couldn’t believe this could happen to him. As a prosecutor, Jae had a lot of experience with forfeiture cases, and was aware of all the changing laws in Illinois as well as the attitudes of the public regarding the fact that the police can seize money and cars from people with no apparent explanation.

This is where’s Jae’s extensive knowledge and experience as a litigator and trial attorney came into play. Jae explained the process and how we could specifically help our client and attempt to recover the money. Jae got right to work – appearing several times in court on behalf of our client, as well as filing various motions and interrogatories and arguing against the prosecutor’s motions. Eventually, when the prosecutor realized that if this matter actually proceeded to trial they may be left with nothing, the prosecutor accepted our offer and returned the money.