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Because of past experience that our staff has in the trucking industry, we decided to write a blog about Illinois Tollway violations. Little did we realize that this is such a common problem in the State of Illinois that it is one of our most viewed webpages and we get calls and messages about tollway violations every week.

One message was from a gentleman who had never received written notice from the tollway, but rather was contacted by a collection agency that was pursuing action against him for thousands of dollars of tollway violations. We informed him, like we do all people in this situation, that there was no guarantee of the outcome that we could obtain but that we work on cases like this on a flat up-front fee, so the money he was putting at risk to correct the problem was limited. (although some people do not want to pay us to deal with the Tollway, we always advise people not to ignore the problem, as it will not go away.)

He was so offended in dealing with this collection agency that he gladly paid us to see what we could do. After he signed the proper documents authorizing us to deal with the tollway and the collection agency, we went to work right away. The good news is that a certified letter from a law firm opens a lot of doors, and with some back and forth we were able to clear up confusion about multiple I-Pass accounts, old addresses where statements may have gone, and expired credit cards. The net result is that he ended up paying the tolls only and no fines whatsoever, and had everything cleared up with the tollway and the collections agency. Now he is our biggest ambassador telling people how we can help someone with tollway violations!