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Success Stories

Criminal Defense Success Stories

  • DUI Dismissed A college-aged man charged with DUI was worried about the suspension of his driver’s license…Read More
  • DUI Reduced A man failed all the field sobriety tests, admitted he was drinking, and submitted to a breathalyzer where the result was more than double the legal limit in the State of Illinois…Read More
  • Felony Case Prison Avoided A young man was charged with multiple felonies with a mandatory minimum prison sentence…Read More
  • Asset Seizure Reversed A young woman’s car was seized when her ex-boyfriend was arrested while driving it…Read More
  • Order of Protection Dismissed A man served with an emergency order of protection was worried about how it would affect his job and his family…Read More
  • Asset Forfeiture Cash Recovered A man stopped for a traffic violation had almost $200,000 in cash seized by police…Read More
  • Domestic Battery Dismissed and Expunged A teenager was arrested and charged with domestic battery after an argument with her mother, potentially impacting the rest of her life…Read More
  • No Contact Order Dismissed A victim of harassment was wrongfully served with an order of protection by her harasser…Read More
  • Successful Hearing on Firearms Restraining Order Restores Gun Rights A military veteran had her gun taken from her house and obtained an emergency Firearms Restraining Order against her without any prior notice due to mental health concerns…Read More
  • Tollway Violations Resolved A gentleman who had never received written notice from the tollway, but rather was contacted by a collection agency that was pursuing action against him for thousands of dollars of tollway violations…Read More
  • Multiple Serious Traffic Violations Reduced A man with multiple serious traffic tickets was facing jail time…Read More
  • Traffic Accident Ticket Dismissed A trucking company’s driver slid on a wet roadway, causing an accident with injuries and was ticketed…Read More

DCFS Success Stories

  • DCFS Case Closed A woman was contacted by DCFS after a DCFS investigator interviewed her children at school without her knowledge…Read More
  • Successful DCFS Appeal – Grandfather Reunited With Grandchild One day we provided a free consultation for a grandfather who had been falsely accused by the father of his grandchild. Read More

Student Defense Law Success Stories

  • Student Hearing at Major University Clears the Record During the stressful time of finals week, a young woman who was a freshman at a major university received a letter stating that the university was investigating her for an incident involving a cyber-attack on another student…Read More
  • School Threat Reduced & Expunged One evening we received a call from a dad who told us that during the night, detectives had come to their house to question their son about making threats to his high school…Read More
  • Successful Appeal for COVID Suspension at Major University One of the positive aspects of practicing in the era of COVID is that we were able to solve new problems for people affected by COVID in unusual ways. Read More

Estate Planning Success Stories

  • Estate Planning for Couple with Adult Children A woman had concerns about her rights when establishing healthcare power of attorney…Read More

Guardianship Success Stories

  • Expedient Guardianship Helps Teenage Immigrant A teenage girl who was brought to America by her father had been in the United States for several years but did not have a legal guardian…Read More

Business Consulting Success Stories

  • Business Owner Exit Plan and Profitable Restructuring A family-run business needed to address concerns about passing ownership to the owner’s children…Read More