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DUI: Dismissed

DuPage County Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Obtains Successful

One day I received a call from a father, who was calling on behalf of his college-age son. Despite the fact that the son had refused to complete any field sobriety tests, the son was charged with a DUI as the officers located an open bottle of alcohol in the vehicle and thought they smelled alcohol on his breath. Getting arrested for a DUI has not only criminal consequences, but also affects a person’s driver’s license, and everybody needs a valid license so that they can drive to school or work or just do their normal daily activities.

Based upon my experience I knew that the son’s license would get suspended on the 46th day after his arrest, so I needed to file a petition to challenge the suspension of the son’s license quickly, and then try to get a positive outcome on the DUI for my client.

When I went to the first court date I was prepared – I met with the prosecutor, whom I’ve dealt with many times before – and explained my case: that if we proceeded to a hearing on my motion before the judge, chances were I would succeed on my motion. I provided mitigation to the prosecutor and informed him of the steps my client had immediately taken after his arrest to ensure that he never puts himself in this situation again. After reviewing the facts and my mitigation, the prosecutor agreed with me – my client’s suspension was vacated and the DUI dismissed. My client merely had to pay a fine and received supervision on a traffic ticket.