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DuPage County Former Prosecuting Attorney Now Defends Felony Charges

Considered the most serious of all criminal offenses, felony charges put your financial stability, freedom, and future at risk. There are other effects that some may not consider, however. Stress experienced during the criminal justice process, marring of your reputation, and the ever-looming fear of conviction can fracture your family, social life, and even your health. At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, we understand the enormity of your situation. Dedicated to helping you avoid the devastating effects that a felony charge has on your life, our attorneys will give you the skilled and aggressive representation you deserve.

We have provided experienced defense to many clients who have been charged with felonies. In one case, we helped a young man who had made some bad decisions enter a special program which allowed him to avoid jail time and have felony charges expunged from his record.

Felony Charges in Illinois

Consequences for a felony charge are dependent upon the details and circumstances of the case, but they can range anywhere from a year to life in prison. Hefty fines, mandatory victim restitution, or long-term probation with onerous requirements are also commonly experienced consequences of those convicted of a felony charge. There are also many “collateral consequences” or ways in which a conviction impacts your everyday life.

One of the most damaging effects is the way that a felony impacts your employment opportunities. In general, your options are more limited with a felony conviction, but you are also barred from pursuing certain types of careers, particularly those that are government-paid (firefighters, law enforcement, etc.) or require a professional license to practice (healthcare worker, airplane pilot, nail technician, etc.). In turn, this can affect your financial stability. Added to that, you could experience limited housing options, may be unable to receive government-funded assistance (such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and could even become an outcast in your own community.

Aggressive Wheaton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our attorneys strive to protect you from the consequences of a felony conviction. With an unwavering sense of dedication, we stand by your side as an aggressive advocate in your felony case pertaining to:

When you entrust your felony case to an attorney, you are placing your future in their hands. At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, we honor that trust by providing you with the dedicated and respectful representation you deserve. The aggressive legal actions we take are designed to help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible. To experience the Anderson difference for yourself, contact us at 630-877-5800 today. We offer free consultations and serve clients throughout the western suburbs of Chicago.