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What It’s Like To Work With Us

Our slogan “Ready to Solve Your Problem” is our passion.  At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, we listen to your situation and clearly explain how we will represent you, and what it will cost.  We do not exaggerate our abilities or make false promises.  If we cannot do anything effective for you we will tell you right away.

When you choose to work with our firm, you will be working directly with the attorney who handles your case.  We do not have paralegals and assistants, or layers of support personnel.  We work closely with our clients because we know that your future is at stake.

We are often busy in court or in meetings, but we answer the phone, return calls promptly and re-arrange our schedule to accommodate urgent situations, as is often the case with a pending criminal investigation.

Our Attorneys

Experience matters.  Both of our attorneys here at Anderson Attorneys & Advisors are highly experienced and were former prosecutors in DuPage County.  As former prosecutors, we know how the other side thinks and acts in any adversarial legal matters. You can read more about our experience and accomplishments here:

Our Practice Manager

Our Practice Manager handles some of the initial duties of getting your case set up and collecting payment.  He also manages all of our business affairs so that our attorneys are solely focused on your legal needs.  You can read more about his experience and accomplishments here:

We Are Committed To Client Satisfaction

No two situations are exactly the same, but our best spokespersons are our former clients.  Please review our success stories and testimonials when deciding on an attorney, or search for reviews of our firm on Google.

How Much Will It Cost?

Once we understand the scope of your matter we will provide you a clear, up front fee.  Most of our criminal defense cases are charged as a flat fee that covers everything to plead out a case, including all court appearances, hearings, motions, mitigation, etc.  The only additional fee is if you elect a bench or jury trial, but we usually cannot recommend that until we review all the evidence and police reports, etc.

If you are calling around to “shop” prices, you should beware of a low price that may not be all inclusive of multiple court appearances, hearings, motions, mitigation, etc.  You should also beware of a very high price that may include a trial that you may not ever need.  Our fees are transparent, fair and commensurate with our experience.

At Anderson Attorneys & Advisors, we also represent many people who are being investigated by the police, the Children’s Center or DCFS where no criminal charge has yet been filed.  We charge a flat fee for these matters as well, which covers interviews with law enforcement, home visits and all correspondence.  Obviously, the goal is to avoid a criminal charge, but if charges are filed, we will generally credit this fee towards legal representation of your court case.

We understand that some people don’t want to spend money for an attorney to represent them for an investigation, but the greatest chance of success is to involve us as early as possible before any statements are made.

We accept all major credit cards*, checks and cash as payment for legal fees.  We can also accept credit cards from multiple people with their authorization, such as family members who are assisting in payment.

To schedule a consultation, call 630-877-5800 or send an email inquiry through this website.

*(for certain hourly matters where funds are held in our client trust account, we can accept checks or cash, but not credit cards)