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Serious Felony: Prison Avoided

DuPage County Felony Defense Lawyer

Occasionally people act impulsively or act in the moment, but sometimes, unfortunately, that one bad decision can have life-long consequences. That was the case for one of our young clients. He made a few bad choices, owned up to those bad choices, and was in serious trouble – having been charged with a couple of felonies where the mandatory minimum sentence was prison.

Our client was truly sorry for what he had done, and couldn’t believe that his momentary lapse of judgment would land him in prison and cost him his entire future. Not wanting this to destroy this young client’s life forever, Attorney Jae Kwon began to think outside the box of how we could help
our young client and allow him to get his life back on track. Having worked in DuPage County for more than a dozen years, Jae was familiar with all the programs and sentencing alternatives available to people charged with a crime in DuPage County. Therefore, Jae reached out to numerous acquaintances of our client, including the Deans and faculty at his school, in order to urge the prosecutor to allow our client to receive a second chance at life. After meeting several times with the prosecutor, Jae was able to get our client into this special program, which would then have this felony expunged and erased from our client’s criminal record.

This is just one of many examples demonstrating that we work hard on behalf of our clients because we don’t want a good person who makes a bad choice to spend the rest of their lives dealing with a youthful indiscretion.