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Audriana T. Anderson

Asset Seizure: Car Returned to Rightful Owner

DuPage County Criminal Defense Property Forfeiture Lawyer

One afternoon a young professional woman called us. She was extremely frustrated and upset that the police had seized her car because of something an ex-boyfriend had done. Our client didn’t know that her ex-boyfriend didn’t have a valid driver’s license and, unfortunately, he drove her car and got arrested. The police also seized the car as part of the arrest.

She was obviously concerned that she didn’t have her car to get places, especially work. Audrey Anderson previously handled asset seizures when she was in the State’s Attorney’s office, and she explained that the law has very tight timelines when officers seize vehicles and that we needed to act quickly. Fortunately, the client called us in time, and we made room in our schedule the next morning to meet with her and review the paperwork.

We were able to file the necessary paperwork and petitions right away and then negotiated with the prosecutor, whom Attorney Anderson has dealt with numerous times in the past.

We were very pleased that we successfully got this woman’s car returned to her so quickly. When Audrey Anderson was a prosecutor she enforced asset seizure and forfeiture laws all the time. The laws are there for good reason, but in this case, the only thing our client was guilty of was a bad choice in who she dated.