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DUI Reduced and Gun Rights Saved

Wheaton DUI and Weapons Charges Defense Lawyers

One day we received a call from a man who was charged with a DUI and Violation of the Concealed Carry Act. He failed all the field sobriety tests, admitted he was drinking, and submitted to a breathalyzer where the result was more than double the legal limit in the State of Illinois. He also had a weapon underneath his seat but did have a valid Firearms Owner’s Identification Card and Concealed Carry Card. This is obviously not the ideal scenario for us to fight a DUI charge, and we thought we were facing an uphill battle.

He was married, had children, and owned his own business. The day of our client’s arrest was the one-year anniversary of his son’s tragic death and, overcome with grief, he acted completely out of character by drinking and driving. He tried to do all he could to live a normal existence, immersing himself in work; however, on the one-year anniversary when out at a business event he consumed too much alcohol and desperate to be with his family he made the poor choice to drive home.

We provided this information and supporting corroboration to the prosecutor who agreed with our position. Our client’s DUI was reduced and he was able to receive court supervision while his gun charge was dismissed. This allowed our client to continue to run his successful business as well as retain his rights as a gun owner.