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Serious Traffic Violations: Jail Time Avoided

DuPage County Defense Lawyer for Serious Traffic Charges

We handle a lot of traffic tickets for people for a very reasonable fee. Our attorneys are at the courthouse most mornings anyway, and helping someone with a traffic matter is one of many things we do. We had handled a minor traffic case for a very pleasant woman a few days prior who found our firm online. Then her husband called, who was a much more serious traffic offender.

He had several traffic tickets, a history of moving violations, and serious ones at that. He had started out with another attorney who was the “least expensive lawyer” he could find. This attorney advertised a very inexpensive rate for traffic tickets but he was not very experienced in criminal law. (Traffic matters, although some are minor, are criminal cases.) This attorney told him that the best offer he could get would include jail time due to the seriousness of the charges.

Now realizing that his traffic cases actually were criminal cases that could result in jail time, the husband began to reconsider if he should pay a little more to find someone who was much more experienced in criminal law. Because his wife had been pleased with our representation of her case, and because she knew Audrey Anderson was a state’s attorney for almost 20 years, the husband retained us for his 3 traffic cases.

While the traffic cases this client had were indeed serious, Audrey was able to negotiate for some fines and the client avoided jail. Needless to say, the client was thrilled and he and his wife now consider our firm their family attorney for all issues.