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Student Hearing at Major University Clears the Record

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During the stressful time of finals week, a young woman who was a freshman at a major university received a letter stating that the university was investigating her for an incident involving a cyber-attack on another student which the university believed was a violation of their Code of Conduct. Her parents, who reside in DuPage County, quickly reached out to us for a consultation.

It was soon determined that the university was requiring this student to be present at an investigatory meeting. There is so much at stake for the future of a student and the costs involved of attending an elite university that the parents asked if we were willing to travel to represent the student even though this was not yet a criminal matter, legally speaking. They were obviously concerned that this investigation would impact their daughter’s scholarships and her ability to continue attending that university.

A few days later at the investigatory meeting, we were able to demonstrate to the university panel that our client was not the one who cyber-attacked the other students as alleged. Our client was able to keep her scholarships, continue with the university, and didn’t have this incident on her academic record. The parents were grateful that hiring our firm was money well spent in the grand scheme of what their daughter’s education was worth.