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Successful Hearing on Firearms Restraining Order Restores Gun Rights

Gun Owner Rights Defense Attorneys

One afternoon, we received a phone call from a woman who was a military veteran receiving services from the Veterans Administration Hospital. Due to some concerns about her mental health at a particular moment in time, the VA contacted the local police department, who took this woman’s guns from her house and obtained an emergency Firearms Restraining Order against her, without giving her any prior notice.

When she was served with the Emergency Firearms Restraining Order, which prevented her from owning and possessing any weapons, this woman reached out to us for help. She felt this was a very unfair and unjustifiable situation that prevented her from legally owing firearms, which she had done for many years.

We swiftly proceeded to hearing on the prosecutor’s request to have a permanent Firearms Restraining Order issued against our client and were victorious in our argument; that is, that one isolated incident was insufficient to show that our client posed a danger to herself or others by possessing or owning a firearm.

Although she felt she had been mistreated by the system, our client was soon vindicated and she was very pleased that her rights were restored in short order. We were also able to have the case expunged immediately after that, so the incident will not be a part of her permanent record, leaving her a “clean slate” for the future.