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Expedient Guardianship Helps Teenage Immigrant

DuPage County Guardianship Attorney

A client whom we have assisted in the past reached out to us with a problem that he hoped we could resolve as quickly as possible. A teenage girl who was brought to America by her father had been in the United States for several years but did not have a legal guardian. Her mother passed away when she was born and her father abandoned her years ago. As a result, she had bounced around from house to house, never having a stable home environment. This teenager had an older adult half-brother, who was willing to become her guardian so that she could get her driver’s license and receive medical benefits and insurance, among other things.

The next day we met with her and her brother, reviewing all their options. We then filed the necessary paperwork and petitions to begin the legal process of guardianship. Given the unique circumstances of this case, the judge understood our desire for this proceeding to progress quickly. On our second court date, which was six weeks after we filed the initial paperwork, the judge granted our petition. This teenager now had a legal guardian and is able to get her driver’s license, obtain medical benefits, as well as apply for citizenship in the United States.